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Cobalt market research in the CIS

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Cobalt market research in the CIS
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Table of content


1. Reserves and deposits of cobalt in the CIS.

2. Mining and beneficiation of cobalt-bearing ores.

3. Production of cobalt-bearing products in the CIS.
  • Norilsk mining-metallurgical combine (NGMK).
  • Combine "Pechenganickel".
  • Combine "Severonickel".
  • Combine "Yuzhuralnickel".
  • Combine "Ufaleinickel".
  • Rezh nickel plant (RNZ).
  • "Tuvacobalt" combine
  • Pobuzhsky nickel plant.

4. Current state of Russian producers of cobalt-bearing products, and prospects of these productions.
  • Norilsk GMK.
  • Combine "Severonickel".
  • Combine "Yuzhuralnickel"(YuUNK).
  • Combine "Ufaleinickel"(UNK).

5. Export, import of cobalt and cobalt-bearing production.

6. Domestic cobalt consumption in the CIS.
6.1. Cobalt-bearing heat-resistant and heat-stable steels and alloys.
6.2. Precision magnetically soft alloys (PMA).
6.3. Magnetically rigid materials (MRM).
6.4. High-speed steels (HS).
6.5. Hard alloys.
6.6. Cobalt pigments and salts.
6.7. Cobalt and cobalt-bearing catalyzers.
6.8. Enterprise-consumers of cobalt.



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