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Rare-earth elements market research in the CIS

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Rare-earth elements market research in the CIS
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Publishing date Publishing date: October 2008
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REE refer to strategic materials, so the bulk of information, concerned with them is classified. Published data is relatively poor and to some extent contradictory. As a result of this, thhe report is based, to a significant degree, on the estimations of OurMetals experts and specialists in the field.

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Table of content


1. Mineral resources base of rare-earth elements.
1.1 Russia
1.2 Kyrgyzstan.
1.3 Extra-balance REE reserves.
1.4 Predicted REE reserves in the CIS.

2. Mining and concentration of rare earth ores.
2.1 Lovozersky GOK.
2.2 Kyrgyzsky GOK.

3. Production of rare-earth products in the countries of the former USSR.
3.1 Solikamsk magnesium plant (SMZ).
3.2 JSC “Silmet” (Sillamyae Association).
3.3 Irtysh chemical and metallurgical plant (IKhMZ).
3.4 The Kyrgyzsky GMK.
3.5 JSC Uralredmet.
3.6 Podolsk experimental chemical-metallurgical plant.
3.7 Pridneprovsky chemical plant (PKhZ).
3.8 Moscow polymetallic plant (MZP)

4. Projects in the CIS, involving processing REE raw materials.
4.1 Tomtor project.
4.2 Afrikanda project.
4.3 Tugan project.
4.4 Projects on artificial resources processing.

5. State of the CIS enterprises, involved in processing REE-bearing raw materials.
5.1 Lovozersky combine (JSC Sevredmet).
5.2 Solikamsk magnesium plant (SMZ).
5.3 JSC Uralredmet.
5.4 Irtysh chemical-metallurgical plant (IKhMZ).
5.5 GAO (State JSC) Kyrgyzsky GMK

6. Export and import of rare-earth production.

7. Application and consumption of rare-earth production.
7.1. Structure of the consumption.
7.2. Metallurgy.
7.3 Petroleum chemical industry.
7.4 Production of glass.
7.5 Luminophores, optics, lasers.
7.6 Magnets.

8. Prospects of production and consumption of REE in the territory of the former USSR.

APPENDIX 1: Characteristics of REE-bearing products
APPENDIX 2: List of REE-bearing products consumers
APPENDIX 3: Directors, addresses and telephone numbers of organisations involved in the CIS rare-earth elements sector.

List of Tables:
  • Table 1: CIS: Rare earth deposits containing proven reserves.
  • Table 2: Distribution of rare earths in minerals and raw materials in the CIS (%)
  • Table 3: REE deposits in the CIS with extra-balance reserves
  • Table 4: REE concentrates production in the former USSR enterprises (estimate)
  • Table 5: Range of REE products in the former USSR enterprises
  • Table 6: Mixed rare earths carbonate of SMZ
  • Table 7: REE products production by the former USSR enterprises (estimate)
  • Table 8: REE distribution in Tomtor ores
  • Table 9: Russian export, 1999-2003
  • Table 10: Russian import, 1999-2003
  • Table 11: Russian exports-imports of REE in 1997
  • Table 12: Kazakhstan export, 1999-2003
  • Table 13: Structure of rare-earth consumption in former USSR 1989-1991
  • Table 14: Structure of rare-earth consumption in Russia 1995-1996
  • Table 15: Main type of industrial rare-earth alloying composition.
  • Table 16: Marks of REE contained deformable and casting alloys

List of Figures:
  • Figure 1: Structure of world consumption of REE
  • Figure 2: Dynamics of production of loparite concentrate of Lovozersky company, kt
  • Figure 3: Dynamics of production of REE fusion cake (in equivalent of oxides contained in it) at Solikamsk magnesium plant, t
  • Figure 4: Dynamics of export of REE compounds by Solikamsk magnesium plant, t
  • Figure 5: Dynamics of imports of REE chlorides and carbonates fusion cake by AS «Silmet» from Russia, t
  • Figure 6: Dynamics of export of REE compounds of AS «Silmet» to Russia, t
  • Figure 7: Dynamics of export and import of REE compounds, export of metals and production of luminophors of JSC «Uralredmet», t
  • Figure 8: Dynamics of production of REE by Irtyshsky REE company (in equivalent of oxides), t
  • Figure 9: Dynamics of production of REE metals and REE compounds by KKhMZ, t
  • Figure 10: Export and import of REE compounds in Russia, t
  • Figure 11: Dynamics of export and import of REE metals in Russia, kg
  • Figure 12: Structure of consumption of REE in Russia in 2003, %

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